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View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask

The V1000 is a brand new style of swimming goggle/ watersports mask. With features like nothing VIEW has seen before!
View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
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The Xtreme V1000 is a new concept in VIEW swimminggoggle/watersport goggles/mask. Its main difference is the single silicone skirt. This skirt is made from high-grade, hypo-allergenic silicone that is extremely soft, yet durable. The main benefit of having a skirt is that unlike regular goggles, the V1000 does not put pressure on your eye sockets, it sits comfortably around the eyes.
The Xtreme V1000 is not only perfect for comfort in ocean swimming or long-distance swimming, it is also excellent for sports such as triathlons, waterskiing, kayaking and jet-skiing.
VIEW understands not every face shape is the same so to make this fantastic new swimming goggle universal we have created two different skirt sizes.

The regular skirt size comes in colours:
- Smoke, SK
- Blue, BL
- Brown/Silver, BR/SL
The small skirt size comes in colours:
- Lavender/White, LV/W

The Xtreme swim mask features a low-profile hydrodynamic design providing maximum comfort and superior visibility when swimming or enjoying watersports in any environment.

To make this swim mask as simple as possible it has been fitted with a quick fit rear buckle system. This rear buckle system provides an extremely simply and quick - yet effective - connecting and disconnecting system. Choose to leave the buckle connected or disconnect before fitting the goggles.

To finish this long list of positives the V1000 comes equipped with a round-edge silicone skirt offering an unparalleled watertight seal and maximum comfort during workouts.

  • U.V protection
  • Super Anti-fog treatment
  • Hypo-allergenic silicone
  • Soft carry case for travel and storage
Materials Used:
Frame & Lenses: Polycarbonate
Skirt & Strap: Surgical Grade Silicone
NB: This mask cannot be used for scuba diving because the nose is not enclosed and the space cannot be equalised.

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View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
View V1000A Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask
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